Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's This?

This is a new blog... sort of a combination of historical document and inspiration to all those folks that know that what they want to do is "impossible" but are willing to walk off the cliff with the full confidence that they will fly.
This is my wife's new Dream House. This is a building that the city of Paducah wrote a condemnation letter for in 2005 and it was scheduled for demolition twice.
This is where we start.
This blog is going to take us from here, (disaster? undoable? insanity?), to the home where Victoria can "unpack all of my Stuff".
We are not people of means.
I am a full time working ceramics guy and we can write all the checks that we want but they're mostly just paper...
This will be a story about some folks (us) who are making things happen by being clever, resourceful, reusing, recycling, and by sheer force of not quitting, when that seems to be the 'logical' choice that 'reasonable people' would choose.
This is the first post. I needed to get started. The scope of this can be a bit over whelming and my typing is crappy...
Remember to believe several impossible things everyday!